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HRF to Curate Heritage Rose Garden at American Rose Center

Submitted Suggested Roses for the ARC 4th Circle Garden

This spring, the American Rose Center (ARC) Committee invited the Heritage Rose Foundation to participate in the Great Garden Restoration—a project that promises to turn the Shreveport headquarters of the American Rose Society into a world class garden destination. The focal point of this new design is the Clockworks Garden composed of four overlapping circles meant to evoke the inner workings of a clock. The overall theme of the Clockworks Garden is the history of roses in America with each circle featuring a different period of roses grown in America.

The Heritage Rose Foundation will curate the largest circle known as the Fourth Circle Garden. Our garden will feature pre‑1900 heritage roses, a perfect fit for the Foundation. A local Shreveport philanthropic foundation is funding the circle. Our responsibilities as curator include designing the garden using the best heritage rose varieties for the Shreveport region (usda Zone 8b), assisting in procuring the roses, and creating educational and informational content for signs that tell the stories these roses bring with them.

A committee of HRF trustees will guide this project to its completion. HRF trustees Peggy Martin and Pam Smith along with long time member Claude Graves will work with both the HRF committee and the ARC Committee to complete the project on schedule. Our goal is to begin installation in February of 2022. We are reaching out to our general membership to become involved. For starters, you can send us recommendations of heritage rose varieties to include. Remember they need to be of pre-1900 vintage and do well in northern Louisiana. Found roses as well as known varieties will be accepted for consideration. Sources would be greatly appreciated. To send suggestions simply reply to designated button for the Fourth Circle Garden. This information will be compiled by the HRF Committee under Stephen Scanniello’s guidance.

Isabella Sprunt
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria
Louis Philippe
Madame Bravy
Madame Carolina Testout
Madame Cochet
Madame Norbert Levavasseur
Mlle Cecile Brunner
Mrs. B. R. Cant  
Mrs. John Laing
Old Blush
Paul Neyron 
Perle d'Or 
R. banksiae
Seven Sisters
Souvenir de la Malmaison
The Green Rose
Abbott & Burns Family Rose 
Alba semi-plena
Arcadia Louisiana Tea
Archduke Charles
Autumn Damask
Baltimore Belle
Baronne Prevost
Blush Noisette
Bon Silene
Cardinal de Richelieu 
Catherine Mermet
Champneys’ Pink Cluster
Cramoisi Superieur
Dorthy Perkins
Duchess de Brabant
Frau Karl Druschki
General  Jacqueminot
Gruss an Teplitz
Harrison's Yellow

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Goals of the Heritage Rose Foundation
  •  The collection of roses originating in the nineteenth century or earlier and roses with particular historic, educational, or genetic value (heritage roses).

  •   The establishment of one or more gardens wherein heritage roses may be grown and displayed.

  •   The advancement of research and investigations into heritage roses, including history, identification, genetics and breeding, propagation, diseases and pests, and suitability for landscape use.

  •   The publishing and dissemination of information about heritage roses, including any and all research that emanates from the foundation.

  •   The establishment and maintenance of a library of books, periodicals, research papers, manuscripts, catalogues, and other items to facilitate further research and investigation into heritage roses.

  •   The establishment of public knowledge of heritage roses through seminars, meetings, forums, panels, lectures, tours and exhibits designed to encourage and increase the public's perception of heritage roses.


The Heritage Rose Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1986, devoted to the preservation of old roses.
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